Looking Back and Giving Back. 2018 in Review.

What do horses have to do with real estate development? In Los Angeles? Horses don’t seem that out of place in Denver, but they’re unexpected in LA, unless you’re watching the Rose Parade or hiking in the Hollywood Hills. But the same LAPD Mounted Unit that appears in the parade is on patrol in the city every day to build stronger connections between the police and the community. This year, one of our most memorable moments was helping the Los Angeles Police Department get two new police horses. Going beyond the beach and the mountains, these horses play a key role in urban policing. And their primary role during the holidays is patrolling retail shopping areas to keep holiday shoppers and their presents safe, creating a link between the business we love and the horses we were able to donate.

Why did we give horses? Not just because we love animals, but because it helped us create a project where everyone wins. Everyone wins is the principle at the heart of our company, and we think it should be the foundation for every business. By starting with the idea that everyone involved should end the project in a better position than when it started, we get to partner with brokers, tenants and communities who are all invested in our success — because it’s their success too. When we’re all working towards the same goal, projects go faster and creative solutions are easier to come by. Creative solutions like building a public plaza along with a new 7-Eleven or contributing to the Los Angeles Mounted Unit Foundation.

“Giving back to our communities isn’t just about getting projects done, or something we do during the holidays. It’s part of who we are.”

 We support causes that are important to our employees, our partners and our communities through the Cadence Giving Plan. This year, in addition to police horses, we’ve been able to help grieving children through Judi’s House, provide hats and gloves to the Friends of the Haven, and give underprivileged kids the chance to see a ball game. We give back because it’s the right thing to do, but the benefits to our business and our communities are immeasurable.  From the increased employee satisfaction to improved relationships with our partners, we truly believe that giving gives back, making all of us stronger.

Happy Holidays! And if you’re in LA, give our horses a friendly wave if you see them while you’re out shopping.