Meet The Team

Amie Lonergan

Amie came to Cadence in 2019 after gaining 20+ years of accounting experience. Amie’s love for numbers and collaborating with a team makes her an excellent fit at Cadence as she provides accurate & timely financial reporting so that informed economic decisions can be made.

Prior to Cadence, Amie worked in a variety of financial controller roles, including Caddis Capital Investments, and HOPE Online Learning Academy.

Amie’s Perfect Day: “A good book and a comfy chair, then dinner and fun conversation with my husband and two boys.”
Amie’s Dream Vacation: “A cruise around the world to see and experience many new destinations.”
Amie’s Core Value: “Calm in the face of turbulence - I try to conduct myself in this manner, and feel that it helps me adapt to change and solve challenges quicker, it’s easier to stay positive, and when faced with a problem to solve you can see the options clearer and come up with better possible solutions.”