Meet The Team

Dave Runberg
Chief Financial Officer

Dave joined Cadence in 2014. As CFO of Cadence, Dave’s primary responsibility is building and managing the capital structures that form the financial framework for the deals Cadence does.  

Prior to his time at Cadence, Dave served as CFO for Trust Company of America and Big O’ Tires, and several other Financial H\olding companies. Dave’s career has been a combination of  leading teams of finance professionals while solving a variety of finance, accounting and capital structure problems.

Dave’s Perfect Day: Any day I spend with my wife Liz, our two sons David and Zach, our daughter-in-law Kelsey, and our grandson Rhett, no matter what we’re doing, is the perfect day for me.
Dave’s Dream Vacation: I’ve never been to Rome or any part of Italy. Liz and I would love to go there someday.
Dave’s Core Value: I’m always calm in the face of adversity. Problems never get solved in an optimal way by panicking.