Meet The Team

Kim Pendergast
Operations Manager

Kim joined Cadence in 2021, after she gained  11+ years of executive administration experience in various sectors. A natural strategic planner, Kim makes an impact by being a positive, dedicated team member who supports business leaders, plans both small and large events, manages office operations, and consistently wears multiple hats.

Kim’s Perfect Day: “A perfect day off would include a nice walk with my husband and our dogs Ellie and Koda, a couples massage (or just me), a nice lunch with dessert (a must!), and ending the day with some good company and laughter.”
Kim’s Dream Vacation: “I would go anywhere with incredible snorkeling and food from around the world. If I could, I would visit them all!”
Kim’s Core Value: “Calm in the face of turbulence. “When circumstances change suddenly, or when a project’s needs pile up, I like to set a tone of even-keeled steadiness for the whole team to follow.”