Time to Recharge

High Energy & Action-Oriented. These are two of our core values and keys to our success—some deals take 100% for weeks (or months) at a time. But we also know that if you’re going to give 100%, you also have to take time to recharge. It’s the only way to drive success. Summer is our favorite time to do that – long days and long weekends make achieving work-life balance a little easier, and the mountains, rivers and beaches of the west draw us in. 

Curious how we’re recharging our batteries between meetings this summer? Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend the summer; check them out, you might find your new summer getaway.

The Big Moments

Milestones dot our calendars this summer; together, these moments that make up a lifetime.

Rick Foerster, is expecting another grandchild in August; paving the way for summer birthday celebrations for years to come. Lucy Dinneen is headed to Atlanta to drop of her youngest at college. And Brian Wood is celebrating his grandmother’s 95th birthday and his parents 50th wedding anniversary at the Lake of the Ozarks with nearly 20 members of his family. That’s a family that knows how to mark a milestone!

New Challenges 

We’re headed outside to learn new things, set new records and just have fun. 

Brent Teske is setting a high bar for personal accomplishments this summer; he’s already set a personal best on the Manitu Incline, and after the snow clears, he’s headed to Torrey’s Peak as part of his quest to climb all of the “fourteeners” in Colorado. Lucy Dinneen checked off her challenge early in the summer, cycling 150 miles in a weekend to raise money for the MS 150. Sue Sanders has also set herself an ambitious goal for the summer: learning to fly fish in Colorado’s rivers. And Drew Willock tackled the Frisco Adventure Park bike trails over the Fourth of July, while Suilvida Ross has already climbed halfway to the sky at the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout.

Hitting the Road (and skies) 

We’re packing our bags and heading out to explore new places and favorite family destinations. From Los Angeles to Chicago to the Ozarks, we’re criss-crossing the country. 

Jeff Parker is chasing softballs to some of the Northwest’s landmarks, including Multnomah Falls and Grand Coulee Dam, on the way to softball tournaments around the region. Kay Stallworthy is also exploring the Northwest, on a family trip to Seattle, and Dave Runberg is headed to Bandon Dunes in Oregon to play golf with his sons. Sherri Rosselot is taking her 11-year-old to visit her grandmother. Ryan Beckmann traded Colorado’s great mountains for the Great Lakes on a recent trip to Chicago. And our most ambitious traveler is exploring the Galaxy’s Edge; Stephanie Harvey is tackling the summer crowds at Disneyland with her family.

And Relaxing at Home

Some of the best moments of summer are found right in our own backyards. You’ll find most of us in the mountains at Vail, Aspen or Colorado Springs on more than one weekend before the weather turns: long weekends spent hiking and relaxing in the mountains are key to our summer schedules. Backyard BBQs, pie-baking contests, and long evenings on the porch are the true highlights of summer. Our new Controller Amie Lonergan is putting this at the top of her list this summer. It’s a good reminder to all of us that the most valuable way to spend our summer is recharging.