Caring for the Carers: Supporting our Healthcare Workers

While we are all contemplating what the future will hold, it’s what we are able to do right now that is most important. Times like these require us to be agile and action-oriented, not just to support our business, but to also support our community and the healthcare professionals that are keeping us safe.

We launched “Care for the Carers” to make a difference in our community right now. Healthcare professionals are fighting for the lives of their patients on two dedicated COVID-19 treatment floors at Denver Health Medical Center. We are committed to providing meals to those workers on the frontline of this pandemic for the next 10 weeks.

Caring for the Carers - Healthcare workers at Denver Health

We have chosen to support these healthcare workers, because they are the local frontline response to this pandemic. They are working 17 hour shifts, putting their lives on the line and leading the charge to save those infected with COVID-19. Offering a reliable, consistent source of meals allows these healthcare workers to stay focused, not to mention well-fed, during their long days and nights on the floor. We hope that it also provides them with a sense of comfort that the community is behind them.

There are a number of programs, locally and nationally, that are providing meals to healthcare workers, including those at Denver Health, but they are not able to provide ongoing, daily donations that these frontline workers can rely on. That is why we launched our own initiative, focused on providing regular meals to the most-impacted doctors, nurses and other professionals at Denver Health. Beyond the benefits to recipients of these donations, our program also supports local foodservice businesses that have been hard-hit by the shutdown. We are ordering and paying for the meals in advance, providing a reliable source of income to the food service industry.

Please join us and help Care for the Carers.

The seed money for the program has been provided by Cadence, and our employees and others are supporting the program through financial contributions. All funds raised will be used to buy meals for the frontline workers at Denver Health, with a specific focus on the two COVID-19 treatment floors. For more information about how to help, please contact Lucy Dinneen to contribute.