A New Office Design in LA

While we continue to work from home to protect ourselves and our communities, we look forward to returning to our offices. In California, we recently completed an office design and renovation. We created a flexible space to inspire collaboration and creativity. While the in-person gatherings we planned for are on hold for now, we will welcome our California clients and partners to explore the space later this year. 

Our vision was to create a space that was both beautiful and versatile; an office design that could accommodate gatherings of 100 people in a single space, or support multiple small meetings in different settings.  We loved our neighborhood, but the office design wasn’t functional for the diverse needs we have. To accomplish our goals, we landed on an architectural hybrid combining “open office” principles with a more approachable residential layout. The key to the layout was eliminating traditional doors. Instead, we’re using folding glass doors throughout the space. This gives the flexibility we need with the interior spaces, but also blurs the lines between indoors and out.

Cadence Office Design Slat Wall Concept Images

Showing our Style

Aside from the function of the space, we also wanted our office design to show our visual sensibility, and showcase the creativity of our team and our partners — not just inspire it. To that end, we considered every detail, from the security gate at the entrance to the coasters on the coffee tables. One of the key elements of the office design is a slat wall surrounding the stairs. It was simple to design on paper, but ended up being a challenge in construction. As with most older, wood-framed buildings, the walls were not quite perpendicular to the ceiling or floor. Each slat and support piece of the feature wall had to be individually measured and cut to conform to the building’s quirks. The end result was worth it—a signature element that unifies the design and welcomes guests to the office.

As with any project, we still have some finishing touches to apply, and the design will continue to evolve to meet our changing needs, but we are delighted with the result. We could not have done it without our partners. It was a rare opportunity to work with some of our regular project collaborators on a project for ourselves, and to give them the chance to show off their creativity in a space where we will continue to work together.  Thanks to:

      • Uhles Construction – Contractor

We can’t wait to begin using the office for the purpose it was designed — for gathering together, collaborating on projects, and bringing the diverse disciplines of our industry together.