Resolving to Share More Stories in 2021

As we look forward to a brighter new year ahead, and reflect on the year that will soon be behind us, we’ve been reminded of just how important every member of our extended Cadence team is. We’ve gotten to know each other even better, through nine months of weekly Zoom happy hours, but we’ve also lost the chance to celebrate each other. So, our resolution for 2021 is to share more stories. Stories of our team members and partners, and how they contribute to our company, our culture and our success. 

There’s no time like the present, we’re starting now – Meet Suilvida Ross!

Many of our vendors know Suilvida already. As Account Payable Specialist, her role goes beyond cutting the checks. She tries her best to “keep our vendors happy.” Suilvida is involved with each project to ensure that the bills are not only paid on time, but that they’re allocated to the right project. Having started with no construction experience, she is excited to be learning the ins and outs of the industry! With knowledge of not just the cashflow, but also the workflow of our projects, she becomes an even more valuable part of the team. 


At Cadence, we’ve put a lot of emphasis on our corporate values and culture in recent years, and Suilvida shares that commitment to values in her own life. “I am directed by values and principles in my life. When I came to Cadence I was very impressed by how the company also had strong values!  It was a nice surprise to find a company with such a solid structure” 

Staying Connected

Through nine months of working from home, Suilvida has been an enthusiastic participant in our weekly Zoom Happy Hours. She’s enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the team better, especially our founder Bill. With a different “host” and activity each week, we’ve all learned who can draw, who loves books, and developed a whole new set of in-jokes among the team! When asked to lead the weekly call, Suilvida asked everyone to bring not just their favorite book, but anything written. She wanted everyone to be able to join in, “but not everyone likes books.” 

Giving Back

At Cadence, we ask our employees to suggest charitable efforts that they’d like us to support through Cadence Gives. Suilvida is especially thoughtful in her recommendations. She prefers organizations she has personally supported as a volunteer and where she has a personal connection. For the past couple of years, that’s been the Aurora Public Schools Welcome Center, which supports immigrant and refugee students and their families as they adjust to the local community. Suilvida’s personal connection with the group allows us to follow our donations and see in more detail their final results. To see how our efforts translate into success for the kids makes our contribution much more rewarding.

The next time you get a cheerful email from Suilvida or see her latest adventures on our blog or Twitter feed, we hope you’ll appreciate knowing a bit more about her. 

From everyone on our team, we wish you very happy holidays! 

Stay safe and be well.