Meet The Team

Michael Potts
Cadence Advisory Board Member

This being human is a guest house.  Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor… Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.


Michael Potts is Managing Partner of Advance Wave Partners, a boutique investment firm focusing on technology that accelerates human growth and learning.  Previously, Michael was CEO and president of Rocky Mountain Institute, a Colorado-based “think-and-do tank” dedicated to speed our shift to a new energy economy.  He was also CEO of American Fundware, then a Colorado-based software maker for non-profit and government clients, until it was acquired by Intuit. Michael is writing a book about the intersection of purpose and performance in work, and serves on the boards of numerous mid-tier companies.