Meet The Team

Marty Schmitz
Cadence Advisory Board Member

Marty Schmitz is past President of Citywide Banks of Colorado, Inc.  As President of Citywide Banks, he oversaw business development and the bank’s commercial banking operations.  In addition, he was very involved in the administration of credit management and the audit and regulatory compliance functions. He currently is Chairman of Citywide Banks of Colorado.

Marty represented the second generation of family leadership for the bank holding company, its 12 branch locations and subsidiary businesses including the Citywide Mortgage and Commercial Real Estate service.  He was with the organization for 21 years and transitioned the bank from a 275 million dollar organization to a 1.4 billion organization at the time of sale.

Prior to joining Citywide Banks of Colorado, Inc., Marty spent 18 years in the Denver commercial real estate business as Vice President with a commercial real estate group specializing in investment and acquisition.  Schmitz holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting, economics and business administration.

He is currently a trustee on the Regis University Board along with a board member of Heartland financial which is a 12 Billion dollar publicly traded organization.  Additionally, he currently serves on the Board of the Boys and girls Clubs of Metro Denver.  Mr. Schmitz previously served as Chairman of the Bankers Bank of the West and Chairman of the Colorado Bankers Association.

In Marty’s professional career, he has been lucky to work in a family business started by his Father and carry on that legacy of values including a strong code of conduct, family & faith.  Marty’s motivation is rooted in those values, both personally and professionally.  In addition to his professional & charitable time commitments, spending time with his children/grandchildren, flying & international travel, golf & cooking are all time well spent!