What We Mean By “Respecting The Real Estate Ecosystem”

The Cadence team defines what this core value means to each of us

The team at Cadence has taken time to reflect on our core values, and to place them front-and-center as the driver of our business. As our “true north”, these values guide our decisions around everything from who we hire to how we partner to why we choose the projects we choose. 

As spring has sprung and our natural ecosystem comes back to life, we’re drilling down on the value of “respecting the real estate ecosystem”, checking in with members of the team to get their input on what this means to us individually. The common themes that arose were:

  • Respecting the uniqueness of all stakeholders
  • Prioritizing long-term partnerships
  • Creating win-win relationships

Respecting the uniqueness of all stakeholders

Kay Stallworthy

“This value means to treat everyone in our business (investors, tenants, cities, brokers, colleagues, etc) with respect and value their role in the process. It is a small community and the way you treat someone will always come back to you whether it is good or bad.”
~ Kay Stallworthy, Managing Director of the Rocky Mountains

Brent Teske

“Respect of the real estate ecosystem is finding a partner in a structure where it benefits both parties. No one wants to do a deal where they feel worse for having started that project. I think the Cadence team does well in adhering to the respect in managing expectations and deliver where each project will have unique inputs and requirements. No city, location, seller, or buyer is the same as the others.”
~ Brent Teske, Senior Accountant

Daniel Allen

“The real estate ecosystem encompasses the numerous people it takes to bring a project to fruition. This includes brokers, engineers, lenders, designers, developers, lawyers, city planners, sellers, buyers, and investors to name a few. Every one of these stakeholders brings their own specialized skills to the greater team and each is needed to get the job done. The best part of my job is bringing these stakeholders together to take a blank canvas and turn it into a finished project everyone can be proud of.”
~ Daniel Allen, Development Associate

Prioritizing long-term partnerships

Lucy Dinneen

“I am so grateful for the many people I have had the opportunity to work with over the years.  People come to the table with many different goals and challenges but one common denominator on a Cadence team is a respectful professionalism that promotes long-term partnerships. After 20 years with Cadence I continue to work with clients, lenders, brokers, construction companies, architects and engineers that were with us from the start. This collaborative shared success is a core value.”
~ Lucy Dinneen, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain and Northwest Markets

Amie Lonergan

“Real estate ecosystem to me means all the people we interact with that help us to be successful in our business.  In my case, that means people like lenders, property managers, etc., and creating and maintaining good relationships with them, being respectful, professional and communicating effectively.”
~ Amie Lonergan, Controller

Creating “win-win” relationships

Sherri Rosselot

“It means that real estate, residential or commercial, has an economic impact greater than a single transaction.  Buying, developing and selling real estate has both a direct and indirect impact on the economy.  Direct impact businesses are brokers, appraisers, lenders, title companies, surveyors and insurance companies to name a few and some businesses getting an indirect boon are moving companies, internet/cable companies, furniture/appliance companies, utility companies and landscaping companies.  One real estate transaction can produce income for numerous individuals and companies making it imperative that those working in real estate understand the importance of collaboration and working together for the greater good.”
~ Sherri Rosselot, Transaction Manager / Paralegal

Ryan Beckman

“Respecting the real estate ecosystem means making sure that all parties in a real estate transaction (tenant, brokers, financing, City, etc.) “win”, resulting in deep relationships and continued success on all future deals.”
~ Ryan Beckmann, Development Associate

This is everyone’s environment

Because the real estate ecosystem affects everyone involved – either directly or indirectly – it’s in everyone’s best interest to respect it and keep it healthy in the long run. Just as with our natural environment and ecosystems, it requires care. Cadence aims to create pollination rather than pollution so that all stakeholders can continue to thrive.