Pavlina joined the accounting team at Cadance in early March in the role of Accounts Payable. She’s working closely with Amie, who she looks up to not only as a supervisor but also as a mentor. We’re excited to have her on board and to introduce her to our network of vendors and suppliers.


Pavlina handles all invoices that need to be paid. A typical day for her is to look through all the accounts payable emails, then make sure all the vendors are happy and invoices are being paid in a timely manner. This involves a lot of communication.

Essentially, she’s the bridge between the vendors and the team of project managers, who have to approve the invoices as they’re received. “It’s good because I stay in touch with all of them, basically every day.”

Since her role involves so much contact and communication, she appreciates the in-person environment at Cadence’s office, where it’s easier to put names to faces, converse freely and form relationships with the team.


Pavlina worked in Accounts Payable for several years, in her home country of Czech Republic. She then worked in the oil and gas industry here in Colorado. This prepared her for a heavy workload and taught her diligent time management. She’s been in the U.S. for a total of about seven and a half years. She first arrived as an au pair for a family in Boulder. 

When she saw this position at Cadence, she felt a strong match. Looking into the company, she was impressed with its growth and momentum in 20 years. She saw how they attract a bright at talented team that can really move things forward. She feels lucky to join a company culture that values quality of life and a healthy work-life balance. Her conclusion? “I think I’ll like it here for a long time.”


As far as where to live in the US, Colorado chose Pavlina with that first au pair assignment in Boulder. She feels so lucky to have landed there, with its combination of a fun college city vibe and access to the mountainous outdoors within 30 minutes. 

Pavlina has had a chance to compare the landscapes and cultures of other US locations as well. She’s visited most of the West’s famous national parks, and she also lived in Pennsylvania for a year, experiencing the major East Coast cities. Her travels have taken her through at least 25 states, and she finds Colorado to be uniquely cheerful, friendly, and relaxed. 

At this point, she’s been in the Denver area for about three and a half years. Denver’s casual yet industrious atmosphere is just the place for her.