Basketball is Back! Cheering on the Denver Nuggets

Cadence gets close to the court each year with Nuggets season tickets at Ball Arena.

As a Denver-based business with staff from all over the country, our basketball allegiances are split. Some of us are avid Nuggets fans. Others of us go to the game to root for the opposing team. Either way, getting into the game with company season tickets has become one of our favorite traditions over the years. 

Each new matchup creates a chance to bond and celebrate as a group as we cheer courtside for our respective teams. Cadence has been sitting close to the court for the last two decades, experiencing the electric energy of each game along with our extended family of clients and friends. As we soak it all in from our second-row, center-court seats, we’re reminded that whether it’s been a buzzer-beater or a total blowout, it’s the Mile High memories that count.

view of courtside seats at Denver Nuggets game

As basketball is back on our screens and we slide back into our seats at Ball Arena, we’ve asked a few of our most slam dunk-savvy team members what they’re looking forward to this season and what outcomes they predict. Here’s what Pavlina Tobolova, Ryan Beckmann, Brent Teske, Kim Pendergast, Sherri Rosselot, and Kay Stallworthy had to say:

Let’s start with a warm-up question. What is your favorite food to eat at a Denver Nuggets game? 

Pavlina Tobolova: The blue Ice slushie with a sprinkle of alcohol

Ryan Beckmann: Can’t go wrong with the Chicken Tenders!

Do you have a favorite player on the Denver Nuggets?

Ryan Beckmann: Jamal Murray.

Brent Teske: Jokic for his scoring. Bones Hyland for his VCU connection. Hopefully the new Kansas rookie Christian Braun gets some minutes. They lost Collin Gillespie to a leg fracture in summer league so they will need the bench to contribute.

Sherri Roseelot: 1st round draft pick from The University of Kansas, Christian Braun. ROCK CHALK!!Kim Pendergast: Jeff Green and Aaron Gordon.

What is your favorite team to watch the Denver Nuggets play against?

Brent Teske:  I follow a lot of the Marquette players in the NBA. Several players include: Jimmy Butler with the Miami Heat, Jae Crowder with the Phoenix Suns, Sam Hauser with the Boston Celtics. All good teams that don’t really play Denver regularly. Markus Howard was with the Nuggets last year, but they released him and he plays in the Spanish league now.

Kim Pendergast: Golden State. It brings me back to my college days in San Francisco. Back then Curry was a newbie and already amazing.

Final question! Do you have any predictions for the 2022-2023 NBA season?

Pavlina Tobolova: I predict that I will go to see another game before the season ends.

Ryan Beckmann: Nuggets big 3 (Jokic, Murray, MPJ) will stay healthy all year and we will be a top 3 seed heading into the playoffs.

Brent Teske: 52-30. I think they will be a decent team if healthy and will likely be the 6th seed in the West. With Jamal Murray back and Michael Porter Jr seemingly healthy, they should provide some offense help for Aaron Gordon and Nikola Jokic. The roster last year was pretty thin and they used backup talent as starters.