Denver Broncos ‘22-23 Season Predictions

Football season is back! For Cadence, that means heading over to Mile High Stadium for another unforgettable Denver Broncos season in the South Stands.

emtpy seats in Denver Broncos stadium

Cadence’s Longstanding History at Mile High Stadium

Cadence has been attending games at Mile High Stadium’s coveted South Stands for twenty-two years and counting. Reserved exclusively for season ticket holders, the South Stands are filled with the most dedicated Broncos fans who, like us, have been making each game a Sunday ritual for decades. With all of the familiar faces we expect to see each year, the section has started to feel more like a family reunion. 

Speaking of family reunions, the games have always provided Cadence with the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends, family, and our network of business partners. Whether it’s a major project that has been completed or a new deal that has been closed, games have remained a staple of Cadence team outings. Would you like to join us for a game? Get in touch and ask how to get in on the fun!

Denver Bronco players in action

Denver Broncos ‘22-’23 Season Predictions

Games also provide the perfect setting to watch our pre-season game predictions play out in real-time. Since some Cadence team members have been attending games for over two decades, they’ve become pretty good at predicting the season’s outcome. 

We asked designated Cadence football experts Daniel Allen and Brent Teske to share their predictions for the upcoming Denver Broncos season as well as the best way to spend gameday. While setting their fantasy football line-ups, here’s what they had to say:

Broncos overall performance:

Daniel Allen: “The Broncos will give the Chiefs a run for their money and might even make it to overtime once, but they will ultimately lose and the 2,500+ days since a Broncos win over the Chiefs will continue.”

Brest Teske: “Russell Wilson is a better QB than Drew Lock, but I think the injuries return at some point and the depth is missing. Russell is a fun QB, Hackett a new first-time head coach and the new Walton ownership should help with the fans not getting to the playoffs again.”

Broncos season wins/losses:

Daniel Allen: “I’m going 9-8.”

Brest Teske: “I would like to say 0-17, but I don’t think they are as bad as Jacksonville and the Texans. I will go with 7-10.”

Broncos Superbowl odds:

Daniel Allen: “Broncos will not be making it to the Super Bowl or AFC Championship, but they will have a better season than last year.”

Brent Teske: Not a chance at making the Super Bowl. The AFC is the tougher division and Denver would need lots of teams to drop off to get that far. I don’t even see how they make the playoffs.”

Which team will you be watching on game day?

Daniel Allen: “The Chiefs and the Broncos.”

Brent Teske: “The best team to watch an NFL game in person is the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers has his quirks, but is a lot of fun to watch and one of the best at his job.”

What is the best place to watch on game day?

Daniel Allen: The ample sunshine and proximity to downtown make tailgating at Mile High one of the best fall and winter activities in Denver.”

Brent Teske: “Lambeau field is one of the best places to watch. Green Bay has the best tailgating. I like Beers and Brats and being surrounded by 70,000 of the team’s owners. Yes, the fans own the team.”