Cadence is Cycling for a Cure

For the third year in a row, Cadence will be participating in the Tour de Cure, a bike ride to raise funds and awareness for diabetes. 

About the Tour de Cure 

The Tour de Cure Rocky Mountain is an annual community festival and fundraising event in Colorado organized by the American Diabetes Association. One of the main goals of the regional event is to encourage an active lifestyle and raise awareness for those living with diabetes. Participants can choose to support the cause via a 5K walk, run, cycling, or simply giving a donation. 

You don’t have to be a pro cycler or runner to partake in the event, as there are different routes based on skill level, each with rest stops with food and volunteers cheering you along the way. The active portion of the event is followed by a community festival, in which hundreds of local supporters come out and celebrate those living with diabetes. 

tour de cure cadence

How Cadence Became Involved in the Tour de Cure

Cadence team member Lucy Dinneen became deeply affected by the Tour de Cure’s mission after her son was unexpectedly diagnosed with diabetes in 2018. Fortunately, the Dinneen family found a supportive community that understood the unique challenges of diabetes in the American Diabetes Association. The Dinneens quickly engaged with the organization’s annual bike ride which combined their passion for cycling with their desire to help raise awareness.

In 2020, The Dinneens organized an official Tour de Cure team for Cadence, aptly naming the team “Pedaling for Cadence”. While the race was virtual the first year Cadence participated, the Dinneen family was still able to find support from the community and fundraise over $17,000 for the cause. Since their involvement began almost three years ago, the Dinneen family has been able to raise almost $40,000 with the top corporate contributor being Cadence. The donation money has directly funded research to find a cure for diabetes and has provided life-saving medical resources to those in need. 

The Tour de Cure has provided the Dinneen family and the Cadence family a way to bring attention to the disease and support one another through yearly fundraising efforts.

Support the Cause 

This year the Tour de Cure is back in person, taking place on September 10th at Dear Creek Canyon in Littleton, Colorado. Cadence team members Lucy Dinneen, her husband Peter, Brent Treske, and Drew Willock, will be riding in support of the cause. Drew has over two decades of experience doing long-form bike trips for fundraisers and is signed up to complete the full sixty-mile bike route, proving that every mile makes a difference. 
The Dinneen family would like to invite all family, friends, and coworkers of Cadence to ride with the Cadence team. If you’d like to get involved, you can choose to either donate to our team’s page or sign up to ride alongside us.

Tour De Cure Cadence Team

Update: We did it! Not only did the team make it across the finish line, but we also raised over $5000 in the process. Huge thanks to everyone who supported this effort.

As luck would have it, the day of the ride was the coldest day of September. But we wouldn’t let a few clouds and raindrops stop us. We bundled up and spirits were high for this fantastic event. See you next year, Tour de Cure.