Seattle Asset Trip 2022 - view of Puget Sound.

Seattle Asset Trip 2022: Showing Gratitude for 20+ Years of Cadence Loyalty

This August, a group of 12 Cadence leaders and stakeholders will meet and relax in Puget Sound, Washington

What’s just as important as productive meeting time? Effective relaxation and recreation time. The leadership team at Cadence will be getting a dose of each at this end of summer Seattle Asset Trip. This year marks the event’s 20th year, making it one of Cadence’s most cherished and longstanding annual traditions.

The beach house: six generations of family history

The Seattle Asset Trip is centered around a beautiful coastal property in Puget Sound. The property has been in the family since 1921. Bill Rothacker and his wife Laura enjoy spending time there in the summer, as do their children and now grandchildren. Kay’s great grandfather built the original house on the property, and her children are the 6th generation to visit and enjoy it. The original house was renovated in 1997. 

From the house, guests can enjoy the full seaside splendor of Puget Sound, complete with sightings of dolphins, bald eagles, foxes, whales, and even the occasional osprey and orca. By night, the view gives way to the lights of the Seattle skyline with its iconic Space Needle. 

A 20-year tradition to thank our loyal Cadence team

The tradition of the Seattle Asset Trip first started in 2002, when Bill decided to hold one of the business’s monthly asset meetings at his family’s beach house, as a special way to honor those who had helped him build his career and the Cadence brand. During those early Seattle Asset Trips, as the annual occasions came to be called, they’d first have the meeting and then spend an extra day at the property enjoying good food and activities together in this beautiful place. 

In starting this tradition so long ago, Bill recognized something very important about Cadence’s success – we owe it to the team members and partners that have worked so hard to help us build it. The retreat is a way to honor a group of around a dozen people who have been there since the early days. We’re celebrating their talent, hard work, and loyalty that have brought us to this 20-year anniversary in 2022. 

Each year, team members and partners gather from Colorado, California, and Washington, which represents Cadence’s full market presence. In recent years, the three-day retreat has leaned more to the leisure side than the business side. The group will have the chance to enjoy a round of golf at Chambers Bay, paddle boarding at Gig Harbor, and partake in other fun explorations of the Pacific Northwest. The group will be treated to meals prepared by two chefs and a bartender onsite. 

There’s no gesture big enough to thank our group of 12 honoree guests, but an annual trip to a family heirloom home is the biggest way we know how to show our gratitude.