Welcoming Kim Pendergast

Our newest team member at Cadence, Kim Pendergast, started just a few weeks ago; her arrival coincided with our RTO, so she avoided the dreaded Zoom onboarding, and has been able to get to know the team in person.

A Helping Hand

Kim’s title is Operations Manager, and her job description spans any number of areas. Now that we’re back in the office, and looking forward to our move early next year, she’s taken over as office manager, easing our transition back to the office. She’s keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring that each department has the tools and supplies they need. She’ll also be serving as Executive Assistant for Bill, handling everything from property management to appointment calendaring. Finally, Kim will provide an extra set of hands to any of our departments to help with administrative work and other projects.  With a background in event management, she’ll likely join Kay and Stephanie in arranging company and client events, when those are back on our calendar.

Why Cadence?

With a background as an executive assistant, an event manager, and even interior design, Kim is well-prepared for the diverse roles her new job requires. With a passion for assisting executives and leaders, handling the day-to-day so they can focus on the big issues, Kim jumped at the chance to help Bill and Laura. She also likes the small size of the company, where it’s easy to get to know everyone on our small team. When asked what  appealed to her about the job initially, Kim says that the friendly team bios on the website “made her smile.” 

Why Denver?

During the pandemic, Kim moved from Las Vegas to Denver to join her then long-distance boyfriend, who is now her husband (congratulations Kim!). While that’s enough of a reason to choose Denver over anywhere else, Kim did make another choice to stay in Denver – aside from the romantic appeal, she loves the outdoors and hiking, especially walking her dogs at Cherry Creek Park. Living near Coors Field, she loves the energy of that area, and the way that Denver gives her a mix of that urban liveliness with the outdoors so accessible, as well. As she put it, there was “no question” whether Vegas or Denver would win.

Join us in welcoming Kim to the team! You may not meet her, but she’ll be behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly.