Countdown to 2022: Planning our New Office

It’s never too early to start planning for next year, and we have extra plans to make for 2022. In a little over 6 months, we’ll celebrate the new year by finally moving into our new Denver office. It isn’t just a new office, it’s a new home for Cadence that better represents our culture and values. 

We’ll be leaving our high-rise offices in Greenwood Village behind, and moving into our own building in the historic South Pearl neighborhood of Denver. We’re swapping elevators for streetfront doors, and manicured landscaping for a private rooftop deck that’s just waiting to host late spring meetings and summer happy hours. We’ll be able to just step outside to grab lunch, get some fresh air, and build connections with our neighborhood businesses.

Renovating a former restaurant in a historic building into a functional office isn’t the easiest (or fastest!) answer, but we think it will pay dividends, especially after the experiences of the past two years. We’re building a flexible space, like our Los Angeles office, that invites collaboration with our partners and each other, with spaces designed to support the way we want to work (which is sometimes outside!). We started our planning before Covid changed the way businesses think about office space, and while many companies have abandoned the idea of the “corporate office,” we think it’s important to have a space to call our own, that’s also a space where we want to go to spend our days. Outdoor patios, a mix of private and shared spaces, and, of course, state-of-the-art air circulation address the new concerns of the post-Covid environment, and just make for a great working environment.

We’ll share more about the design and construction process as we get closer, but for now, we just want to thank Tryba Architects for working closely with us on the design to help us deliver the office experience we’re looking for.