Welcoming Jenn Camacho

Jenn joined the accounting department here at Cadence in April, so many of us are still waiting to meet her in person, but she’s already a valued member of the team. She’s most excited about moving into our new office next year, since she lives in the neighborhood already!

Making People Happy

Jenn will become familiar to our vendors and partners, as she takes on the Accounts Payable role. With a background in home construction and investment companies here in Denver, she has the advantage of being familiar with the lingo of our business. An experienced accountant with an eye for detail, she loves to transform a full in-box to an empty one, with each invoice paid and coded accurately. Her favorite part of her job: “sending checks makes people happy.”

Why Cadence

So often, the best hires come from a personal recommendation, and that was the case with Jenn. She previously worked with another of our relatively recent hires, Amie Longeran, and they reconnected at just the right moment! But of course, there’s more to a great fit than that — Jenn really enjoys working with small companies, where it’s easy to get to know people and easy to communicate, despite some initial Zoom challenges! She also connected with our culture, and especially the way the  Entrepreneurial Operating System contributes to the company philosophy, and creates a space where everyone has the opportunity to excel and grow, and communication is key to success. Even though Jenn hasn’t met the entire team in person, the open communication and our commitment to weekly all-hands meetings and happy hours has helped her get to know everyone.

Denver Proud

When asked to name her favorite places in Denver, Jenn rattled off a long list of things she loves to do with her family, but we got her to narrow it down to three favorites:

After more than a year of virtual meetings, virtual networking, and virtual everything, please add a virtual welcome to Jenn Camacho!