Where in the World: Our Dream Travel

The US is slowly finding its new normal, with restrictions lifted and vaccinations helping us have those long-delayed dinners and family gatherings. As we take our tentative steps back towards normal, we’re dreaming of the day when the whole world is able to join us in our recovery. When it does, we have travel plans – or at least travel dreams. 

As we surveyed our team, we discovered that we literally want to see the world, with people dreaming of or actively planning travel to Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Hawaii and the Arctic. Here are just a few of our plans.

Europe or Bust for the Summer of ‘22

Ryan Beckmann’s ready to explore all of Europe, aiming for a taste of as many places as possible for his first trip to Europe. “I’m thinking London, Paris, Barcelona, French Riviera, Swiss Alps, Venice, Florence, Rome, and…” His ambitious itinerary is tentatively planned for next summer.

If Ryan times his trip right, he can meet up with Brian Wood, who had planned to take his dream vacation this summer, but has rescheduled to 2022. He’ll be headed to Italy with his wife, for a few days in the cities, and more time just experiencing the food, drinks and culture of some of the smaller towns in Tuscany, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. We’re counting on him to come back with some amazing underwater photos of the Mediterranean—he and his wife are both certified scuba divers!

Daniel Allen is also dreaming of Europe, but he’s headed to Switzerland to “escape the heat, climb some mountains, and take a soak at the Therme Vals, not to mention the cheese!”

Jenn Camacho didn’t have to think twice about her dream trip; she’d be headed for Israel to experience the amazing culture, history and landmarks. Israel is jam-packed with things to see, and Jenn called a trip there a “dream come true.” 

To the North & the South

The Northern Lights are calling to Kay Stallworthy. She’s traveled extensively, but the Northern Lights are next on her “dream trip” list. Whether Alaska, Iceland or the northern reaches of Canada, the Arctic is calling.

On the opposite side of the planet, Fiordland National Park on the southwest coast of New Zealand is where Brent Teske dreams of traveling, inspired by Kay’s descriptions of Milford Sound. “I think if you have traveled that far to visit the other side of the world, you have to check out their National Parks.”

There’s no place like Kansas?

While we’re speaking of dream trips, Daniel Allen makes a pitch for “the greatest place on earth: the middle of Kansas!” He promises “peace and quiet, hot beach weather without the pesky sand and water, and some of the best food in the world at Roy’s BBQ!” It’s an easy road trip from Denver, with the landmark Oasis on the Plains along the way, and plenty of adventure once you get there, including salt mines, space museums and tumbleweed festivals. It’s not exactly Switzerland, but if you’re looking for a place to go this summer, Dan says to keep Kansas in mind!

Beyond those plans, our team is dreaming of Hawaii – the Nāpali Coast to be specific – and African safaris, which just about completes our around the world virtual vacation!

Travel dreams aside, we look forward to a day when all of the places in the world have recovered from this pandemic, their economies restored, and it’s safe for everyone to travel, explore and experience other cultures. In the meantime, we’ll be checking out our dream destinations online.